Adventurous Wednesday Programme

There will be a range of activities to choose from and to register for in our 9IATC Conference App, where all details and necessary information will be available in June. For now, here is a brief overview of the planned options to choose from:

  1. Seakayaking in the Kristiansand archipelago
  2. Canoe trip from Kile to Gåseflå
  3. Canoe trip on the Ogge lake
  4. Hike along the Mountaintrail from Kile
  5. River kayaking in the Otra River
  6. Expedition to the Robber Cave
  7. A boat ride with “Dølen” on the Bygland fjord
  8. Hike to Håhelleren
  9. Fishing in the Bygland fjord
  10. The two waterfalls: Reiårsfossen and Gloppefossen
  11. Hike in the Badstog valley
  12. Teen climbing in the Via Ferrata Valle