Call for pre-/post-conference workshops

Preparation for the 9th International Adventure Therapy Conference(9IATC)/3rd Gathering For Adventure Therapy (3GATE) is underway.

The conference will take place on Monday 20th to Saturday 25th of June 2022. We will start in the coastal town of Kristiansand and end in the mountain village of Hovden, both locations within the Agder region of Southern Norway. There will be separate gatherings for the Adventure Therapy International Committee (ATIC) and Adventure Therapy Europe (ATE) the day before and the day after the conference.

Pre-/post-conference workshops

We are now happy to invite proposals for pre- and post-conference workshops. Please complete the form found on the link below by Nov 15th 2021. The pre-post-conference program will be announced in January 2022.

Each person(s)/organization(s) who runs a pre- or post-program option is responsible for all aspects of the workshop (e.g., content/activity, venue, accommodation, catering, equipment and materials, budget, insurance/safety etc.). The workshop content/activity must be considered relevant for the field of adventure therapy, and you have the choice between facilitating in-person or offer a digital workshop.

The 9IATC local organizing committee (LOC) can assist with marketing and registration, including collecting payments and will add an extra 15% to your per person fee to cover this cost. As necessary/required, you are welcome to call on the 9IATC LOC for support/advice.

Contact persons for pre-/post conference workshops:

Leif Roar Kalleberg
Kristiansand Municipality

Vibeke Palucha
Sørlandet Hospital

According to how you would like it to be announced on the 9IATC platforms of communication