The University of Agder campus at Gimlemoen in Kristiansand is our first conference venue. Here we will gather for our plenary sessions that will take place in-person and be live streamed to our online conference platform. From here, we take part in a wide selection of indoors and outdoors parallel workshops that are provided at the University and in the various green areas surrounding the campus.

We will spend Monday evening at the island, Odderøya, which is connected to the city centre of Kristiansand via a bridge. At Odderøya, there will be guided walk around the coastal path of the island, opportunities for an art walk to the studios of local artists, and we will enjoy our conference dinner, social gathering and a soulful concert in the beautiful Haubitz Barn.

On Tuesday evening, we will have our free night (night off) where you can explore on your own. The city centre of Kristiansand is shaped in a perfect square, surrounded by water – the river Otra and the Skagerak sea on three sides – and the forest area of Baneheia to the north. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, whether you prefer seafood directly from the fish market restaurant at Fiskebrygga or you would consider combining a hike in Baneheia with a meal at café Generalen in the park of Ravnedalen.

Kristiansand is located on the southernmost coast of Norway. Planning your international arrival, we recommend you to choose Kjevik airport in Kristiansand as your final destination. If Oslo happens to be your first destination, you can travel to Kristiansand via plane from Oslo Gardermoen airport (a 40-minute flight) or by train/bus from Oslo city centre to Kristiansand city centre (a 5-hour train/bus journey). Another option is to travel by ferry from Denmark, which arrives in the harbour of Kristiansand city centre. 



On our Adventurous Wednesday, we offer a selection of activities to choose amongst on our way from the coastal town of Kristiansand to the mountain village of Hovden. The river Otra winds its way through the valley, and on both sides of the valley there are miles and miles of mountain areas, where the Norwegian Trekking Association offers a network of cabins.

The magnificent natural surroundings of the Setesdal valley make the ideal base for exploring the great outdoors. En route to Hovden, we will pass by numerous villages, fjords, waterfalls and rivers with foaming rapids. In Straumsfjellet you find the longest Via Ferrata climbing route in Northern Europe, whilst Løefjell offers a via ferrata that is perfect for families and beginners, suitable for children aged 6 years and upwards.

The Setesdal not only provides a pathway from the coast to the mountains, it also offers a rich history and traditions still visible in local building styles with the grass-covered rooftops of the lodge-houses called stabbur, arts and handicraft such as iron production from the Viking age, minerals from “the beginning of time” and active silversmiths, exhibited in a mineral park and the valley’s many museums. The Setesdal folk music, dance and the traditional song style kveding is on UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage List.



The Hovden Community Centre Grendehuset will be our main venue for the second part of the conference. Hovden is located in the municipality of Bykle in upper Setesdal and is the largest ski destination in this part of Norway. Hovden offers a number of activities, including fishing lakes, hiking and biking trails, and Ørnefjell (Eagle Mountain) golf course situated 720 meters above sea level.

We will celebrate Midsummer Eve – the longest day of the year – in a social gathering together with the local community in the Hegni outdoor area by the lake, with a traditional bonfire, folk music and dance.


The same evening, attendees are invited to ascend the mountain top of Nos at 1, 283 metres above sea level for a contemplative gathering in memory of Leiv and others we miss in our lives We have the option of hiking to the top or take the chair lift. In clear weather, it is possible to see as far as the Hardangervidda national park from the mountain top.