Update from Local organising comittee

Norsk skjærgård

Dear fellow adventures

Greetings from Norway! We sincerely hope you are all doing well, and that the Covid-19 hardships have been, and remain, tolerable for you and those around you. We are all affected, to some degree or another, by these most unusual circumstances, and the creativity many of us have applied in our work has now also been called for in other parts of our lives. 

We do not know how the pandemic will take its course over the next twelve months and it is in this terrain of uncertainties we are presently adapting the 9IATC/3GATE in June 2021. Having been in dialogue with ATIC and other friends and colleagues around the world, we realize that the conference will have fewer participants than originally planned for due to travel restrictions, financial burdens, and general uncertainties.

Despite being faced by this reality, we are fortunate here in Norway and we can assure you that we will reignite our positive vibes in order to make this gathering happening. We are currently recalculating our budget and scaling down our original plans in order to lower the registration fee and reduce the financial risk for the organizers. These are the main changes:

  • The conference is now one day shorter, and runs from Monday 21st of June to Friday 25th of June 2021
  • The conference will remain at the beautiful Odderøya Island in Kristiansand for the entire period. So instead of operating with two “camps”, we will stay at Camp Odderøya and not move to the mountains half way through the conference
  • We will offer a digital conference solution for those not able to travel to Norway and speakers will be able to provide their presentations online if not able to attend in person 

Registration will open in September. Bear in mind that you will receive a full refund should the conference be cancelled before 31st of December this year. If some force majeure, like C-19, should force us to cancel in 2021, you will receive a 90% refund.

Now we are thrilled to invite you to start preparing your conference presentations. This link, , will take you to the Call for abstracts.  The deadline for submitting your abstract is 15th of November 2020, and notification of acceptance or otherwise will be 15th of December 2020.

The call for pre- and post-conference workshops is now closed.

We are wildly excited to have the international adventure therapy community join us in Norway either in person or online! We are hopeful that the 9IATC/ 3GATE will honour the fine traditions of our previous conferences.

The opening ceremony and the troll dance is now less than a year away. This means that information and inspiration will be shared more frequently. Stay tuned, friends!

Velkommen til Norge!

Båt i solnedgang

Panel debate

The overall conference theme for 9IATC/3GATE is Journeying Together. The first keynote presents a personal reflection of a practitioner from the Nordic region and his individual journey leading up to and joining the international adventure therapy community. The second keynote presents the cultural heritage of the present site of our journey together: the Nordic region and the friluftsliv tradition. Instead of a third keynote, Adventure Therapy Europe (ATE) will organize an engaging, inspiring and thought-provoking panel debate with the working title:

Journeying Together: Exploring (and Re-inventing) Fundamental Values

The Adventure Therapy European network (ATE) is a rather young community (with newer regional networks emerging) that is still in the process of (re-)inventing itself and exploring its fundamental values. Together, we want to enquire into our future journey ahead, not only as a European community, but within our field worldwide.

ATE describe the panel debate as follows:
This panel debate is a continuation of the Expanding of Circles that took place at the 8IATC in Australia in 2018. Questions that arise for this panel debate will help us reflect on the past, present and future of our journey together, particularly focusing on our relationship to nature and our fundamental values: – What were the values that brought us together in the beginning? (the past). – How may we continue to nurture these circles and even co-create spirals of growth within our field? (the present). – Can we more proactively nurture our field by re-discovering fundamental values, such as care for the land, nature, and our planet through an environmentally conscious practice? Finally, how can we hold each other accountable whilst journeying together into the future, so that we can maintain an ethically driven practice as we move forward as a field?”

The facilitator and panel participants will be announced over the next few months, so stay tuned for more news to come!

Call for pre-/post- conference workshops

Preparation for the 9th International Adventure Therapy Conference(9IATC)/3rd Gathering For Adventure Therapy (3GATE) is underway. With the gathering of adventure therapy practitioners from around the world now being only a little over a year away, it is time to start planning the pre- and post-conference program.

The conference will take place on Monday 21st to Saturday 26th of June 2021. We will start in the coastal town of Kristiansand and end in the mountain village of Hovden, both locations within the Agder region of Southern Norway. There will be separate gatherings for the Adventure Therapy International Committee (ATIC) the day before and the day after the conference. The pre-post-conference program will be announced in June 2020.

We are now happy to invite proposals for pre- and post-conference workshops.
Please complete the form found on the link below by April 15th 2020.

Each person(s)/organization(s) who runs a pre- or post-program option is responsible for all aspects of the workshop (e.g., content/activity, venue, accommodation, catering, equipment and materials, budget, insurance/safety etc.). The workshop content/activity must be considered relevant for the field of adventure therapy.

The 9IATC local organizing committee (LOC) can assist with marketing and registration, including collecting payments and will add an extra 15% to your per person fee to cover this cost. As necessary/required, you are welcome to call on the 9IATC LOC for support/advice.

Contact persons for pre-/post conference workshops:

Leif Roar Kalleberg
Kristiansand Municipality

Vibeke Palucha
Sørlandet Hospital

Keynote speakers!

We are so happy to have Pekka A. Lyytinen and Annette Bischoff as speakers during the conference!

Pekka will be sharing reflections on his search for adventure therapy:

Picture of Pekka

“My aim is to reflect on the development of adventure therapy as an alternative form of (psycho)therapy, and to make some personal observations on recently becoming a part of the international community developing it. This I will do as a motivated newcomer. Reflection and self-reflection are essential in all therapeutic work, and the risk elements inherent in adventures make this crucially important, both on individual and community levels. I will also focus on the timeline of developing and establishing a new therapy, and to locate the Finnish national development of adventure therapy on that line, as a part of the internationalization process.”

Pekka has worked with family counseling and therapy since 1989, and has used adventures as a means to establish positive change in the lives of children, teenagers and families since 1990. His first contact with the international adventure therapy community was in 2016.Pekka is a specialist psychologist in developmental and educational psychology as well as a family and couples therapist. He works as a rehabilitation coordinator in the Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Children and Young People at the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare in Paimio. He is active within Finnish adventure education and adventure therapy networks, and is a Finnish representative to ATIC (Adventure Therapy International Committee).

Annette will be sharing from her explorations into the philosophical roots of “nordic friluftsliv” and the pedagogical potentials it holds.

Picture of Annette

“This presentation will focus on the culture and practices of Nordic Friluftsliv. The concept of friluftsliv is rooted in a Nordic conceptual world that has a very long history. I will focus on the philosophical roots of deep ecology, phenomenology and experiential learning exploring the pedagogical potentials of friluftsliv in different contexts. The philosophy, pedagogy and culture of friluftsliv is explored showing its importance as a means to facilitate a true connectedness to the more-than-human world and the impact of this on well-being, health and sense of coherence. The approach of deep-ecology is underpinned by the notion of identification with nature and this empathy is intended to encourage people to act protectively towards nature and to develop sustainable ways of living. In the presentation, I will focus on friluftsliv as an approach to being in nature and as a pedagogical approach to personal development, learning processes and sustainable living.
How humans relate to, conceptualize and make sense of nature and friluftsliv will be addressed through perspectives on landscapes, outdoor practices and identities and further on the impact of nature connectedness, embodiment and meaning of the lived experience.”

Annette Bischoff holds a master’s degree in sport pedagogy and sport psychology from the University of Copenhagen, and a PhD in outdoor recreation and nature experience from the Norwegian University of Environmental and Life Sciences. She has worked with outdoor studies, culture and nature facilitation at the University of Southeast Norway since 1993, currently working as head of department at the Institute for Outdoor Studies, Sport and Physical Education.