Conference theme

Journeying together is the theme of the upcoming conference – a journey in body, in mind and on a metaphorical level.

In 2022 it will be 25 years since the first international adventure therapy conference took place in Perth, Australia. Since then, the conference has been held triennially, and adventure therapy is now established across the globe as an approach to improve health, daily functioning, and overall quality of life for a wide range of people. Despite major accomplishments, our field is still on the move. We are all part of this voyage together towards the future, and it is our responsibility today to influence the course of this journey. 

The conference theme asks what choices lie ahead for the field of adventure therapy to make – choices that define who we are and who we want to become. Should we journey together as one large international group, or should we value and even encourage variety based on our histories, cultures and environments, as well as ethical and professional norms? We will focus on the present status of adventure therapy and address these questions concerning our future in a panel debate on day five of the conference.

Journeying together also applies to the physical conference where we will travel together from sea to summit. We will start in the seafront city of Kristiansand and travel through Setesdalen valley 200km inland to the mountain village of Hovden. You can read more about the different locations.