Checking out CAMP HOVDEN

After having visited the coastal camp on Odderøya Island in June, we were excited to make the three-hour journey through the Setesdalen valley into the second camp of the conference. We arrived in the mountain village of Hovden just a week before the snow set in and while the leaves of the birch trees were still bright yellow.  

With the 9thInternational Adventure Therapy Conference (9IATC)/3rdGathering for Adventure Therapy Europe (3GATE) less than two years away; potential venues, camp sites and facilities had to be located and explored.  

Besides beautiful nature, there is fascinating cultural heritage and knowledge to absorb in this mountain community and we will find ways to include it in our conference program. On the arrival day of June 23rdwe will also participate in the local celebrations of Midsummer’s night by the Otra river. And yes – of course there will be troll dancing in the Hovden mountains! 

Checking out Camp Kristiansand:Odderøya Island 

The conference kicks off at the beautiful Odderøya island, which is situated a short stroll from Kristiansand city centre, and will be our first 9IATC camp. 

The local organizing committee recently had a stroll around the island to check out the potential locations for pitching tents, facilitating workshops, and enjoying the long Nordic summer nights.

A number of discoveries awaited us at the island: lush green grass lawns, sun-kissed yellow flowers, trails and climbs, art galleries, a party barn, an underground network of tunnel remnants from WWII, and you know, the occasional snake and troll cave, a lavvu of course, only to arrive at the traditional waffle house at the southernmost point overlooking the breath-taking view of not just one, but two, light houses appearing in the hazy horizon where sea and sky meets. 

In September we will travel into the mountains to explore our second 9IATC camp: Hovden. We can´t wait to share our upcoming discoveries with you!