Velkommen til Norge!

We are very excited and humbled by the great privilege of welcoming you all to Norway for the 9th International Adventure Therapy Conference (9IATC)/3rd Gathering for Adventure Therapy in Europe (3GATE), the 20th to 25th of June 2022.

Following an absolutely wonderful 8IATC in Australia in 2018, we will transition from the southern hemisphere across to the opposite side of the globe. With the support of the Nordic Outdoor Therapy Network (NOTN), we are proud to host the first IATC in this region. And with the return of IATC to Europe, we collaborate with Adventure Therapy Europe (ATE) in order for 9IATC to also incorporate the Gathering for Adventure Therapy in Europe (GATE).

The conference will take place in the Agder region in the southernmost part of Norway. We plan to start in the coastal town of Kristiansand and then midway through the conference move camps to the mountain village of Hovden. Don’t worry, we will make sure to get you to the mountains and back, and even plan some fun adventures along the way!

Pack your tents and outdoor gear (if you got it – if not, no worries – we will sort it out for you or come up with alternative accommodation of your preference). 

Bring your friends and family along – we will set up some sweet hang-out areas and outdoor activities for your kids and partners.

Arrive early and stay longer – we will announce pre- and post-conferences, and also suggest places to explore on your own. Check out the hyperlinks in Location.

Oh and make sure to sign up for the IAT listserve. If you have any questions feel free to Email Us

Vi sees snart!

Local organising committee; Carina, Leif Roar, Vibeke, Sveinung, Jørgen and Gro Anita
(Gunnar, Len)
Photo-credits to: Magnus Nødland Skogedal